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Welcome to the Why Killers Kill – Analysis of Murder True Crime Podcast Website.

As a highly trained and experienced psychologist who is skilled in the field of criminal behaviour  Dr. Jane can offer true crime enthusiasts a fascinating and unique insight into the inner workings of a killer’s mind. After all it’s a question we all want the answer to – Why Do Killers Kill? 

In 2020 Dr. Jane launched the highly acclaimed True Crime Podcast Why Killers Kill – Analysis of Murder.  In each episode Dr. Jane researched and analysed a deliberate murder or murders to offer absorbing psychological insights in the mind of a true crime killer.

The inner workings of the mind, thoughts and behaviours of murderers are unique and complex.  In each Why Killers Kill – Analysis of Murder True Crime Podcast Dr. Jane will give an fascinating and in-depth psychological analysis of what happened.

When did the the victims become a victim.

How and Where the murder took place. 

What the motivation to murder was.  

And most importantly Why it happened in the first place.

So Who is the killer? What is psychologically influencing and compelling their taking of another’s life – and as you will discover some of Dr. Jane’s finding are unbelievable. What were their thoughts, their behaviours, the plans they made, the company they sought, all with one objective in their minds – to take the life or lives of another.